The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

15 June, 2017

Since Google started
to say that secure sites would be given a ranking boost, although only a
minor boost this has made lots of web hosting companies start to push
the benefits of SSL beyond just E-commerce websites. We have had some
clients come to us asking if an SSL certificate is necessary so we
thought we would put together an article explaining the benefits.


What is SSL?

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer” and is a form of security for
websites that handle sensitive information such as customer names, phone
numbers, addresses and credit card numbers. It creates a secure
connection between a customer’s web browser and the server of the
company they’re interacting with. SSL is essential for any site that
sells goods or services as it ensures that all information handled stays
private and secure.

To check if a website has an SSL certificate you can view the full
url which will have https rather than http. Browsers make it a little
easier by displaying ‘Secure’ in the address bar:



The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

The main purpose of an SSL Certificate is to keep sensitive
information encrypted while it is passed from one computer to another to
reach its destination. This prevents sensitive information such as
passwords and financial details being seen during its journey preventing
hackers and thieves using it for their advantage. If your website
accepts customer payments it is necessary to have an SSL Certificate to
meet the Payment Card Industry compliance data encryption standards.

In addition to encryption an SSL Certificate also provides
authentication which ensures that data sent from your website reaches
the intended destination and not an external party trying to steal the

SSL also guards against phishing emails which lead unsuspecting
customers to a convincing replica of an otherwise reputable website.
These emails attempt to gather financial information for illegal gain.
People who create these fake websites find it very difficult to obtain
an authentic SSL Certificate. When a customer can see that the site is
not secure it shows a clear sign that the website is not genuine.


Strengthening Your Brand

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers online and
increasingly knowledgeable about the status of websites. Having a safe
and secure website gives your customers an added level of assurance when
they visit your site. This helps to build the trust between you and
your customers by showing that you are concerned for their security
whilst using your website.

As SSL becomes more important not just for eCommerce websites, but
also a ranking factor it is an excellent way to get ahead of your
competitors and future proof your website.


Affordable Solution

Until recently one of the only disadvantages of an SSL Certificate was cost. This has really improved recently, our Professional Managed Hosting package now includes a free SSL Certificate for no extra cost.

If you would like to purchase an SSL certificate for your website visit our Web Hosting page to see our great prices.