Template vs Bespoke Web Design

22 January, 2017

For newcomers to web design or those needing a first website for a new business there is a lot of jargon out there which can be very confusing. Today we look at template and bespoke web design giving an explanation of what they are and why we prefer to produce bespoke websites for our clients.

Some web design companies will use purchased templates to create your design which we think is cheating a little, so make sure you understand these two variants and ask the right questions when you are looking for a website designer.


Template Web Design

A template website is a generic pre built design available for anyone to purchase. Single use or multi use licenses are normally available for the web designer who wants to use the theme(s) multiple times or a business to buy a one off and use as their website. Once purchased the owner can normally choose between a few different layout styles, change the colour palette and add images. This is normally done via an in built Content Management System (CMS) or by asking a developer to assist.

Although relatively cheap to purchase and quick to get your business up and running, online templates are generally not very flexible and the owner is limited to the parameters of the template. These limitations can cause issues with getting your brand to work with the design. Limited customisation makes it difficult to fit the content you have for your business into the sections available. Quite often you will see sites with large gaps, pre filled sections still from the original template and menus that do not fit the space.

Another aspect to consider with templates is that they can be built using outdated or poorly written code. This can have a negative effect on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Finding and indexing key words becomes more difficult, the page load speed can become slow and the site can struggle with browser compatibility. This all has a negative effect for the end user and on your brand.


Bespoke Web Design

Our method of web design is bespoke web design. This is where a developer gets to know you and your business to create a tailor made design which meets the specific demands of your business. It should also consider future expansion in the design to allow the design to grow as you do. Bespoke web designs are built by experienced professionals who will take the time to analyse your specific market online, understand your business and priorities and use all this information to create a design that promotes your identity throughout the site and gives your users an excellent customer experience.

The developer will use the latest coding standards, test it on all browsers to ensure compatibility and make the design responsive to all screen sizes. The website will also be flexible to change in the future if required, with your developer available to assist with any technical issues or amendments when required.

A bespoke website can be more costly and can take longer to implement than a template website. However, with a bespoke web design company you have access to a wealth of experience, advice and information to help you ensure that your online presence does the things you need it to.



Our advice would be to use a web design company who use bespoke web designs. Although they are cheaper and quicker in the short term template designs are a bit like putting a square peg in a round hole. Finding a template that can satisfy your current requirements may be possible but without the support and future flexibility the can portray a poor online presence and cost more in the long term. Bespoke web designs are more costly at the beginning but will return better rewards and grow with your business.

Chip Web Design provides bespoke web designs from as little as £250, giving your business a professional bespoke web design for an affordable price.

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